Shameless Commerce (Retail)

Some of our favorite and most popular soups, sauces and dippers are now available for your at home consumption & detailed below. Please note: All of these items, except the clam chowd’ah & the chipotle aioli, are gluten free.

** Please allow 5-10 minutes for your selections to be packaged as we fresh pack each order individually to maximize freshness **


clam chowd’ah · soup du jour* (gf)
pint $7.50 · quart $14

Dry Rubs

house dry rub (gf)
1.6 ounce jar $4.50


aisan drizzle (gf) · orange ginger glaze (gf) · chile oil (gf) · caesar dressing (gf)
7.8 ounce jar $7.50 · 5.8 ounce jar $6)


courtesy of the amazing Susan Merriam at Puffin Pastry- advance notice required to order

key lime pie · flourless chocolate cake (gf) · pecan toscani
$35 per cake or pie

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