$10 / drink (all 3 oz liquor)

Pitu Cachacca, lime & sugar on the rocks

Fish Slapped!
Choice of Leopold Brothers vodka or gin, lime, St. Germain & soda on the rocks

Chartreuse, Absolut Citron vodka and vhino verde with a twist, up

There’s Your Effen Lemonade
One and a half shots of Effen cucumber vodka, a half shot of Leopold’s Tart Cherry Liqueur & lemonade

Uncle Ernie Byron’s Muddler
Choice of Feisty Spirits 100% rye whiskey or Better Days bourbon, muddled orange & marrachino cherry, Leopold’s Blackberry liqueur & bitters, on the rocks

Oragami T. Johnson
Classic vodka or gin martini with a pickled okra garnish, served up

Your Mom’s Offshore Account
El Dorado Dark Rum, Leopold’s French Press liqueur, Leopold’s Three Pin liqueur, cream

Pork Chop
Leopold’s New York apple whiskey, Fee Brothers black walnut bitters, soda & water

$5 / shooter

Bazooka Joe!
Silver Tree vodka, grenadine, Fee Brothers plum bitters & soda

$7 / drink (1.5 oz liquor)

John Daly’s Back Nine
Absolut raspberry vodka, iced tea, lemonade & cranberry juice

$9 / drink (1.5 oz liquor)

The Seaman
Leopold’s Navy gin & tonic


$7 / glass

Kir Negro
vhino verde & Leopold’s Blackberry liqueur

$10 / glass

Kir Noir
Kenwood Yalupa sparkling wine & Leopold’s Blackberry Liqueur


$7 / drink

Touched By A Monk
Leopold’s Sour Apple liqueur & a thimble of chartreuse

** Ask your server or bartender about other special drinks we may have concocted. Ya never know… we’re a creative lot!


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