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Welcome to Fish

Fish Restaurant means quality cuisine in a casual atmosphere, locally owned and operated by people right here in Fort Collins. We are committed to serving only the freshest, non-threatened seafood and refresh our supplies on an almost daily basis. In addition, we are a market and sell our products for you to take home and enjoy. Our fish experts can also special order just about anything you crave with a few days notice.

Here at Fish, we also serve local products whenever possible and are affiliated with Colorado Proud, a Colorado Department of Agriculture program designed to help Colorado businesses support each other. All of our delicious food is prepared using trans-fat free cooking oils, and we have an extensive gluten free menu. We also participate in a variety of enviromentally friendly initiatives, including recycling, composting, and the use of recycled paper products whenever possible. Please call us with any questions, comments, or to make your reservations today!

Warmest regards,

Mike, Kat & the fresh staff at Fish


Fish is a fresh fish market as well as a restaurant. Buy any available fresh fish and shellfish by the pound, or order in any delicious seafood you've been craving with just a few days notice. Click here for a list of regularly stocked offerings as well as seasonal specialties.

Happy Hour

Monday-Saturday from 3-6pm and Sundays from 4-6pm Fish offers an extensive menu of discounted & Happy Hour only food items as well as sixteen different half price wines and discounts on draft beer and cocktails. Check our our selections and prices here.

Shameless Commerce

We make all our soups, sauces, dry rubs and dips from scratch, and many are available for purchase and at-home consumption. Check out our selections, almost all of which are gluten-free, here.

Our dinner specials are listed below and updated daily.  Our seasonal specials are also listed below, and are updated as they change, about every month and a half.  We do not post our daily lunch specials, but you can find out what they are by calling the restaurant at (970) 224-1188.

Daily Dinner Specials

Ahi Tuna Egg Rolls

Our signature appetizer, flash fried ahi tuna eggrolls with pickled ginger, some veggies, and sauces.

Grilled Monkfish (11/23/14)

Grilled swordfish over kimchi fried rice, with green beans, bacon and egg.

Pan Roasted Swordfish (11/23/14)

Roasted swordfish fajitas, with pork green chili, fajita veggies, and choice of one side!

Seasonal Dinner Specials

Roasted Curry Mahi Mahi

pan roasted wild mahi mahi served under curry golden raisin gastrique, with yellow curry lentils and marinated squash

Shrimp & Pork Belly Ramen

poached shrimp, roasted pork belly, edamame, assorted mushrooms & toasted white sesame seeds over udon noodles in kombu shitake broth with accent sauces